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Avoiding Social Media Fatigue When Social Media is the Heart of Your Business.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Social Media has now taken over as one of the number one ways buyers research items that they seek to buy. Social Media is also a great place to find details regarding local events. For many business owners, artist, or influencers, social media has been a great asset. However, less talked about is how social media can be quite draining at times, especially for the small business owner or artist who can’t quite afford to hire someone to manage their business page, yet. Personally, I have witnessed the fatigue first-hand as a young Publicist. Lack of engagement for content that you have spent ample time creating can be quite discouraging at times. Do not despair, I’ve taken the time to list three actions that I’ve found helpful in decreasing social media burnout/fatigue for small business owner and brands.

1. Unfollow pages that are not edifying to your life or business. Ask yourself two questions: Does this page offer information to entertain, inform, or advise me? Does this page make me feel happy after I view their content? If it doesn’t serve any of those purposes, consider “muting“ or “unfollowing“ the page. You likely serve as a ghost follower to a page you do not find useful. It may be best to free up some space for things you’d much rather see.

2. Utilize the timer within the application or create your own timer to maximize and track your time. On Instagram, there is a timer to show you how long you’ve been on the application based on the reminder you’ve requested. If you’d like it to advise you that you’ve spent 35 minutes on the application, it will notify you.

3. Take time to pre-develop content and save drafts to post later. This will help you to work more efficiently and spend more time on other things in your business. You can create a content calendar, save drafts, then send them at the times you’ve scheduled. There are also nice applications that help Page Administrators share post to multiple plateforms at scheduled times such as Hootsuite.

These small steps help me to avoid a social media burnout, but above all, take time to occasionally break from social media even if that means maintaining your business page only and taking a short break on your personal page (if you have one). If you create a social media plan and use the three tips I shared, it will set the pace for you to take the opportunity to schedule a daily or occasional social media break.

April Communicates

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